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A few examples of work.

Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc

Native Challenge Program

The 5th annual native youth conference held at the University of Riverside California where youth came together to learn and gather from speakers and elders.



University of Riverside California-California Council For Humanities

Keeping the Songs Alive

A collection of interviews recorded by UCR Professor Clifford Trafzer compiled to create a DVD "Keeping the Songs Alive"




Sherman Indian High School

Native Traditions Class

Sherman Indian High was created to force assimilation on natives peoples in the region in the early 1900's. Today a dedicated family of teachers pass on the tradition of Basketry to the next generation teaching tradition instead of assimilation..




University of California, Riverside

Over the last few months, Digidat Studios has been capturing the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management Dean's Speaker Series at the University of California, Riverside. One of the guest speakers included Eric Christensen, Executive Vice-President of MySpace. AGSM Dean's Speaker Series



Student Stuff.com

StudentStuff.com is a website that targets all students. Digidat Studios produced a commercial for them that was displayed on their website and shown on local television.




Inland Empire Scholarship Fund

The Inland Empire Scholarship Fund is an organization that gives scholarships to students who excel in the classroom and help their community be a better place. Digidat Studios works with this organization annually to record their scholarship dinner, provide audio/visual services, and produce informational DVDs.



Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance (LAIPA.NET)

When the Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance needed to upgrade there website, Digidat Studios' graphic designers customized their logo and added some life to their site.

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